I forgot my ‘Email’ password. Print

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To reset your email Password, please do the following:

  1. Go to https://mail.abhost.net
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Enter your password. Guess if necessary.
  4. Click ‘Login’.
  5. Click the ‘Reset your password’ link. If you do not see a ‘Reset your password’ link’,  password recovery has not been enabled. Please contact your email administrator or A B Host support for assistance.
  6. Click the ‘SMS’ button.
  7. Enter the ‘Token’ we sent to your mobil phone.
  8. Enter a ‘New Password’.
  9. Enter ‘Confirm New Password.
  10. Click the “Submit’ button.

Don’t forget to configure your new mailbox password in each of your email apps and devices.



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