Terms of Service

ABHost Terms of Service By using any services offered by ABHost and its providers you agree to the following Terms of Service: 1. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, you must cancel your account immediately and not use or attempt to use our services. You may not assign, sub-license or transfer any rights or obligations of our services ... Read More »

18th Nov 2016
Domain Registration Agreement

Exhibit A Registration Agreement IN THIS REGISTRATION AGREEMENT ("Agreement"), is between Tucows Domains Inc. ("Tucows") and you, on behalf of yourself or the entity you represent ("Registrant"), as offered through A B Host, LLC, the Reseller participating in Tucows' distribution channel for domain name registrations. Any reference to ... Read More »

18th Nov 2016
Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is now available Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of protection to logins. Once enabled & configured, each time you sign in you will be asked to enter both your username & password as well as a second factor such as a security code.To enable two factor authentication to protect your client area, ... Read More »

5th Jun 2013
A B Host Phone Numbers

Customer Support  +1 360 738-7044  7am to 5pm Monday through Friday Pacific time.

Service Outage Reports or Inquires  +1 877 738-7044  available 24 hours a day.


3rd Aug 2012
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